Rehabilitation and Recovery

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Our rehabilitation team provides individualized therapy services to help you achieve your highest potential of independence and ability. During your recovery at Woodlands Healthcare Center, our rehabilitation services can help you transition safely from the hospital back to your home. These goals are achieved through the following services:

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists focus on rehabilitation and recovery from physical impairments, pain resolution, and injury prevention.

Speech Therapy

For those affected by stroke, brain injury, dementia, and other neurological disorders, our speech therapists focus on rehabilitation and recovery of speech, comprehension, chewing and swallowing abilities, and cognitive language skills.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists focus on rehabilitation and recovery of functional independence, which includes skills for eating, bathing, toileting, cooking, dressing, grooming, etc.

Caregiver Training

Involving a family member or caregiver in therapy services can promote carryover from skills gained in physical and occupation therapy for a patient’s successful transition back to home. Our therapy team works with family members and caregivers so that they can understand the patient’s needs at home and how they can offer functional and emotional support.