About Your Stay

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Stay

1What are visiting hours?
Regular visiting hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Visits are limited to these hours to allow our residents to rest. Outside of these hours, we lock our doors as most residents are asleep. For after-hours visits, please use the doorbell and our staff will be happy to assist you in entering the facility.
2Is there a limit to the number of people who can visit at one time?
We suggest using the common areas of the facility to meet with your loved one. If it is not possible to visit in one of the common areas, we suggest limiting the number of visitors in a resident's room to three visitors at one time.
3Is there any private space available to use?
You may reserve the Library Room for special events (birthday party, holiday gathering, special meal) with advanced notice by contacting the Social Services Department or Activities Department.
4Can children visit?
We encourage children to visit. Please alert the charge nurse to anyone visiting the facility under age 12.
5Can we bring a family pet to the facility?
We love it when family pets come to visit. Please remember to clean up after your pet, and take proper safety measures at all times. All pets must have current vaccinations on file at the facility and remain on a leash at all times.
6Can I take my loved one home for a visit?
Residents may take a leave of absence only with a physician’s authorization, which can be arranged through the nursing staff. Upon arrival and departure, the resident or responsible party must sign the leave of absence log located at the nurses station.
7Can residents receive mail?
Mail is delivered to residents personally on a daily basis except for weekends and holidays.
8Is smoking permitted in the facility?
For the safety and welfare of all residents and staff, smoking is not permitted in the facility.
9Where should I park when I come to visit?
There is parking in the front and rear parking lots with wheelchair access. There is also parking on National Avenue in the rear of the facility. Please observe all posted city parking signs. Avoid parking in spaces specifically reserved for the handicapped, and physicians
10Can I bring in my loved one’s favorite food?
To stay consistent with the provision of special diets, we ask that you always consult with the nursing staff before bringing food to residents. Any food kept in the resident’s room must be in properly sealed containers.
11How often will a physician or health professional visit?
Physicians generally see residents upon admission and once every 30 days thereafter. However, our nursing professionals are in constant contact with all of the physicians that visit the facility. Some insurance companies require that physicians visit more frequently. Check with our nursing staff for further information.
12How do I find out about activities provided for the resident?
We strive to create social programs and individualized activities to match the capabilities and needs of each resident. This also has a powerful effect in the healing process of those residents involved in rehabilitation. Specific activities may include active resident councils, musical performances, updates on current events, singing exercises, fitness activities, stretching exercises, religious meetings, outside entertainment, games, trivia, history, and volunteer involvement. We encourage families to participate with the residents in activities. A monthly calendar is posted to keep residents informed of upcoming activities and special events such as birthday parties, movies, musical programs, outings, candlelight dinners, ice cream socials, and other special events. We always welcome friends and families to visit and attend our special events.
13What role do social services play?
Our social services team assists both residents and their families during transition periods. They also provide essential information, manage requests and concerns, and help in care and discharge planning for each resident. They can arrange professional services for dental, vision, podiatry, audiology, power of attorney, dementia assessment, psychosocial and psychiatric evaluation, and individual therapy.
14Can a resident request a haircut at the facility?
Yes, we have beauticians available regularly. Please see the front desk for appointments and details.
15Will my loved one’s room have a television?
Each room is equipped with a personal TV for resident entertainment.
16Will my loved one have telephone access?
Residents are welcome to bring in their own cell phone. Each room is equipped with a landline for incoming and outgoing calls.
17Will my loved one have Internet access?
Wi-Fi Internet is provided for residents and their guests.
18How often will the therapy staff work with a rehabilitation patient?
Our rehab director can inform you of the individualized rehabilitation program. Our facility provides coverage seven days a week to meet individual rehabilitation needs.
19Who do I talk to about questions regarding financials, billing, and/or admission paperwork?

For all related questions, please make an appointment with our business office manager, who addresses all financial and billing concerns.

The admissions coordinator will guide you through the necessary forms required on admission and review the rules and regulations regarding Medicare, Medi-Cal, and various insurances.

20Will Medicare cover my stay in the facility?

Medicare will cover skilled care only if all of the following are true:

  • You have Medicare Part A as indicated by a Medicare card that reads, “hospital insurance”, and you have not exhausted your benefit period.
  • You have a qualifying inpatient hospital stay of three consecutive days or more, and admit to our facility within 30 days of discharging from the hospital.
  • Your doctor has ordered the services you need for care in a skilled nursing facility, which require the skills of professional personnel such as registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, etc.
  • You require the skilled care on a daily basis, and these services can only be provided on an inpatient basis.
  • You need these skilled services for a medical condition that was treated during a qualifying three-day hospital stay or started while you were receiving care in a skilled nursing facility for a medical condition that was treated during a qualifying three-day hospital stay.

Generally, Medicare pays for 100% of your stay during the first 20 days of care. After the 20th day, Medicare requires a daily co-insurance copay. Medicare does not cover skilled nursing fees beyond 100 days.

21Who do I talk to about food preferences? Are there alternate options to each day’s menu?

Our registered dietitian and/or food service director interviews new residents upon admission in regard to food preferences and special needs. Our food service personnel prepare all the meals. Special care is taken to serve appetizing and healthy foods. All menus are developed according to prescribed medical diets ordered by the physicians.

Should you wish for another food item on a particular day’s menu, please make the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) aware of your request. The food service director will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

22What do we do if we have personnel concerns?
Our primary concern is that our residents feel comfortable and that their needs are being met. You should feel secure and at ease with our staff, particularly those providing direct care. If you have any concerns or praise for our staff, please feel free to contact our social services department. They will address any apprehensions you may have regarding any particular staff members.
23What is an ombudsman?
An ombudsman is an advocate for residents. They are a third-party person NOT employed by the facility who comes by periodically to monitor the activities going on. They do not direct the facility, but can serve as a voice for a resident with a concern.