Woodlands Healthcare Center

Woodlands Healthcare Center is a premier skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility in Los Gatos. Our friendly staff provides a combination of specialized therapy services and skilled nursing care in a calming and quiet environment.

At Woodlands, you'll quickly notice that our people make all the difference. We are professionals: committed to serving others, nurturing life, and promoting an individual’s ability to thrive.

Care Performed with Integrity & Compassion

At Woodlands, we believe the most effective way to provide compassionate care and short-term rehabilitation services is to maintain high medical integrity, encourage strong team spirit among staff and maintain clear and proactive communication with residents and families. We specialize in providing a variety of rehabilitation and skilled nursing services onsite to help individuals recover from surgery, injury or serious illness.

A Positive Transition for Your Loved One

We provde an environment where our guests feel empowered and comfortable. Our staff understands the importance of creating a nurturing atmosphere for short-term treatment or long-term care. We constantly strive to provide a healthy and positive experience throughout your stay.